The company began with the vision and hard work of its founder, Genoveva Gozum (then Manuzon), during her undergraduate years at the University of the Philippines in Diliman. Utilizing a dormitory sewing machine, she crafted clothes for herself, eventually expanding into a small workshop on campus, employing two skilled sewers.


Gene Manuzon later married her college sweetheart, Dante Gozum, also a UP Diliman alum and a Civil Engineering graduate. Dante, employed at Pyramid Construction, joined forces with Gene, propelling their business forward. Gene's designs adorned department stores and specialty boutiques, marking the rise of their enterprise.


However, in 1977, tragedy struck as a devastating fire razed their home and workshop. Undeterred, they swiftly relocated to Cubao, Quezon City, setting up shop within a week. Their resilience fueled the resurgence of their business, which thrived once more.


The year 1992 witnessed the birth of the Genevieve Gozum brand, targeting the mid-priced market for young professional women.


The company faced another setback in 1997 with the Asian financial crisis, severely impacting their business reliant on imported fabrics. Yet, they adapted, refocusing their efforts on growing the Genevieve Gozum brand.


The year 2020 brought their third major challenge with the global pandemic, halting in-person retail. Swiftly pivoting, they shifted production to masks and PPE, ensuring continuity with the support of their logistics partner, LBC. Their factories remained operational, serving the urgent needs of local governments and hospitals, showcasing their unwavering resilience.


As of now, Genevieve Gozum's product line is showcased in its outlets situated within 12 shopping centers across Metro Manila and significant provincial urban areas. Its merchandise is also retailed through its dedicated website, alongside e-commerce destinations Shopee Mall, Lazada Mall and Tiktok Shop.

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