Genevieve Gozum

Shipping Insurance

For your protection, we require all our customers to avail of the shipping insurance that corresponds to 1% of the total value of the merchandise being shipped. This protects both you, the customer, and us, the Company against damages to your order or losses while the package is in transit.

If your item was lost or damaged during transit and you want to proceed with a claim, we will help you process it with LBC. The claims process required by them is as follows:

1. The Claimant shall file their claims in writing addressed to LBC Express, Inc. Claims Department c/o Henry D. Bernal.

2. There should be one Claim Letter for every transaction & incident.

3. Upon submission of Claim Letter, the claimant shall provide the following documents and information: 

a. Original Copy of Claim Letter (no claim will be filed via email or fax).
b. If consignee is the claimant, authorization letter from the Shipper is needed.
c. Nature of Claim.
d. Amount of Claim.
e. Copy of Sales Invoice / Packing list/DO/SO.
f. Airway Bill / Bill of Lading
                                           i. If partial loss, photocopy will suffice
                                          ii. If total loss, original copy will be required
                                         iii. LBC Express, Inc. reserved the right to require additional document and/or
                                              information which deemed necessary to properly evaluate the claim.
                                        iv. Prescriptive period in Filing of Claims – the claimant is given 30 calendar
                                             days from transaction date to file their claims against LBC Express, Inc.
                                             Failure to comply within the specified period shall invalidate any filed claims

4. Claims with incomplete documents will only be received but will not be processed.  Temporary denial letter will be served to the claimant upon receipt of incomplete documentary requirements.  The claimant is given (5) days to submit the lacking documents, otherwise, said denial letter is final and conclusive.

5. There will be no claims on consequential damages, meaning, claims filed will only be in relation to the actual physical damage or lost of cargoes and/or documents.

6. The AWB / BL terms and conditions should form part of this agreement and any inconsistency between the AWB / BL and this agreement, the former shall govern the construction, interpretation and performance of this agreement.

Processing of Claims
1. Claims will be processed within 30 calendar days upon submission of complete documentary requirements.  Note that claims with incomplete documentary requirements will not be processed.

2. In the event that a claim is denied, the claimant shall be informed of the basis of denial and shall be give (5) working days from the time of receipt of the said denial letter to contest the same.  Failure on the part of the claimant to contest within the specified time shall be deemed as an acceptance of the denial and shall be barred forever from doing so.

3. Claims under dispute are exempted from the (30) days settlement of claim.