Genevieve Gozum

About Us

We are proud to say that we are a 100% Filipino owned company.

Genevieve Gozum started as a small department store brand in 1991 in the Landmark Department Store in Makati City, Metro Manila. Since then it has grown into 37 free standing concept boutiques all over the Philippines.

Our mission is to provide our customers up-to-date fashion choices in the best value for money. Our products range from clothing to accessories, everything our customers need to keep their look current and fashionable.

From sketchbook to our stores, our merchandise reflects the inspiration that our designers draw from all over the world. We endeavour to create diverse looks and collections that are wide-range clientele can identify with. We draw inspiration from TV, social media, magazines, real street fashion, movies, food, museums and travel.

We distill these influences into our ever-changing collections, keeping in mind value of money for our customers.